Your K-Pop Fantasy Idols

I was looking through my Twitter timeline and I clicked on a link to OMONA!They Didn’t page to Vixx’s On and On music video.  I had read on AllKPOP before hand how there were many similarities to Song Joong-Ki’s “A Werewolf Boy”; which is an awesome movie. Before even watching the video I read in the comments how the video was plain awful, but the song was awesome.  So I watched the music video. The whole rocket ship and glowing purple eyes concept was difficult to follow and unfortunately I found the song mediocre. I wasn’t impelled to let this song dominate my playlists. But then one fateful day of boredom, I checked out their comeback stage and before i knew it i became a 별빛 (in English it’s Starlight, their fan group name).


The only thought that was in my mind was, “boy are those boys HOT”.  Not only were they rocking the heavy eye makeup, but I was extremely impressed by the theatrics and the strength of the whole choreography. It was quite entrancing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. No matter how many times I’ve watched it, I’m impressed by them. I’m thinking to myself maybe VIXX have finally found their niche.

And then came along Hyde, which matched the dark, fantasy theme that VIXX fit in so well. While the music video for On and On missed the mark, Hyde was just the opposite. The song matched the video much more and I was captivated by the darkness that the music video presented. It was pretty intense.

Why is it that this fantasy concept worked so well on them as opposed to their earlier concepts?  I believe that it’s because this whole fantasy concept works well on idols. It’s a very easy concept to adapt because it allows idols to overreact, but in a good way. How many times have we seen your normal idol song where they sing about lost love with oh so heart wrenching choreography with their hands begging for something (I am instantly reminded of 2PM’s “Comeback When you Hear This Song” choreography). How many songs have you seen performed live where boy or girl groups throw out that aegyo like it’s going to save their lives? With fantasy concepts idols are allowed to act within the role and it works.  If they overreact a little then it’s okay, because it’s part of the concept.

Think about the “Twilight” craze; the paranormal has become normal because we can’t have paranormal lives. It works because it’s a concept that can’t be reached. It’s something we can’t have.I still can’t believe that there is a special shelf for fantasy novels in the youth fiction section at Barnes and Nobles. Of course that’s the age group that these idol groups crave. Young teenagers crave that everlasting love (I am guilty of this). There is a devoted love that only their idols can provide.

Most idol groups don’t have a clear concept of their song which I find is a downfall for most rookie groups. But this fantasy concept fits idols perfectly. When the concept fits a group then that’s awesome for the group, but there are pitfalls to fantasy themes. It mostly comes with the way a company markets their group. Take the new group M.Pire. You’re probably asking yourself, who? They are a new rookie group who debuted with a vampire concept in May. In all truthfulness they only had the clothes. Even then, their clothes were Victorian style on the bridge of military. Nowadays how many vampires do you see on TV wearing that type of clothing. You seem them in regular clothing.  Though I wouldn’t doubt most “The Vampire Diaries” fans wouldn’t mind watching Ian Somerholder wearing velvet while dancing and sweating underneath the spotlight.  M.Pire overall lacked that charismatic aspect that VIXX had.

I believe that the fantasy concepts that VIXX embraced became a strong base for their growing popularity.While its true that you wouldn’t see people strolling the streets in sleeveless leather shirts and leather pants, it’s what you do in those clothes that matters. Which M.Pire lacked and VIXX excelled in.


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