YG entertainment: Leading the k-pop industry with innovations


YG entertainment is home to k-pop’s biggest stars like Big Bang and 2ne1.  Everyone who knows anything about the k-pop world knows that YG entertainment is pretty awesome.  What they are known most for is their deviance from your regular k-pop scenery.  Unlike here in the states, hip-hop in Korea is not mainstream.  YG attempts to fuse hip-hop into mainstream music.  I have to say they are doing a good job of it.

The main point of this post though is not the fact they’ve succeeded in making hip-hop mainstream, but they are the first ones to try it.  YG entertainment is known for their adventurous, innovative ventures in the Korean music industry.  YG is the epitome of innovation in the Korean music industry and its what their brand is all about.

Everything from their logo to the music they produce is innovative.  If you look at their logo, it looks quite futuristic and unique.  If you compare in to SM entertainment‘s or JYP entertainment‘s logo, it looks completely different, which sets it apart from other entertainment companies.

Even their building is innovative.



yg building 1

Inside (source)

YG entertainment is also known for debuting new, fresh groups.  Big Bang debuted in 2007 and they weren’t your usual boy band.  Before the appearance of Big Bang, most groups were known for their looks and semi-talent.  There is a common joke in the Korean entertainment industry that if you’re okay looking then you must be super talented.  When Big Bang debuted they weren’t the best looking group around, but their talent definitely made up for it.  Not going to lie, they are definitely better looking now.

bb debut

Big Bang during their debut days (source)

bb better

Big Bang looking way better (source)

Not only were their looks different, their music was something different than your average k-pop idol music.  Big Bang debuted with a hip-hop feel song, but they really made a name for themselves with their song “Lies”.

The song is a ballad, hip-hop song; a new kind of genre that became a catalyst to other songs including “Day by Day”, also by Big Bang.  The k-pop industry hasn’t seen this kind of genre fusion before.   YG entertainment became the founder of a new onslaught of new genres via fusions.

2ne1, YG’s current girl group, also made news with their debut.  They were the first girl group to stray away from the feminine side and decided to go rough and wild.  Their debut became a breaking point in all of  k-pop girl group history.  Because of them, we have seen many other girl groups try to mimic their style.

Before their debut, they also released a song with Big Bang for a phone advertisement.  The song features a lot of electronic, futuristic sounds that were not prevalent in k-pop songs.  Once again, 2ne1 started a trend and we start to hear more and more songs with fast electronic beats partnered with funky dance moves.

YG entertainment is the leader of innovations in the k-pop music industry.  It’s their brand.  It’s all you see from them and all you know about them.  Because YG has such a clear vision of their brand, it is successful in everything they do.

I’ve seen entertainment companies try and compete with them, but they’re too far ahead for them catch up at this moment.  All I have to say, YG just keep doing your thing.

gd thumbs up



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