Top 3 k-pop idols for international fans to follow on Twitter

Oh Twitter, how I love thee.  I can stalk *ahem* I meant follow my favorite k-pop idols.  Here are my top 3 idols you should follow right now.

twitter pics dgp

1) Lee Dong-Hae (이동해) of Super Junior: 3.6M followers

I know the more famous Super Junior members, like Siwon, are probably the members of Super Junior you would prefer to follow.  Consider following Dong-Hae because of how awesome he is on Twitter.

Super Junior is one of the leading groups in the Hallyu wave.  They’ve completed four (on their fifth)  world tours in countries such as Peru, Brazil, France and the most recent one in England, coming up in November.  Dong-Hae only knows Korean and a little bit of Chinese but when he tweets, he considers his international fans.  Here is what we get:

dh 1

Does he not know that fans will actually go? Lol.

dh 3

What did he tell you? So confused…

We can’t help but love Dong-Hae for his endless engrish.  At least he tries.  Not only do we get the best engrish on earth, but we also get tweets like these:


Picture of fellow member Eun-Hyuk when he was in middle school.

Seems more like blackmail to me, haha.  Nevertheless, these kinds of things are things that fans absolutely love.  Not going to lie, I got a kick out of the last picture.  Even though Super Junior is loved by many and they don’t need social media to promote themselves, it’s nice to see them communicate with fans this way.  It’s a win-win situation.  Fans feel like they are getting closer to idols; idols have a way to keep their fans.

2) G-Dragon of Big Bang: 2.1M followers

Similar to Dong-Hae, GD has a big following base, both domestic and international.  Since most of his activities are done in Korea or through Korean media outlets, it’s difficult for fans to find out what he’s up to.  What GD does a fabulous job of is telling his fans what he’s doing.  He does this through, not only personal tweets, but also retweeting from other accounts and through Instagram.

gd 1

GD tweets about his most recent performance of “R.O.D.” ft. Lydia Paek. This is a song I absolutely love, by the way.

gd 2

GD thanks fans after his recent trip to China.

gd 3

GD posting a picture on Instagram from his music video set for “Who you”. Music video will come out on Oct. 5 (also revealed through Instagram).

I know there are many fan sites that are dedicated to GD all over the world.  It translate interviews, sub TV shows he appears in and tells us everything we need to know but, it’s nice to hear things straight from the source.  It’s a great way to stay connected with fans, especially those across the oceans.

3) Peniel of BTOB: 76.9K followers

Peniel doesn’t have the same amount of followers like Dong-Hae and GD.  He was born and raised in Chicago, so he’s fluent in English and Korean.  What’s great about Peniel is that he always tweets in English and Korean.

ps 3Because BTOB isn’t a group that’s considered “big”, yet, they have a little more freedom to post whatever they want.  It’s common for k-pop idols to censor themselves more around any type of media, but Peniel does the opposite.  He posts the randomest things.  Like this:

ps 2

A video Peniel posted on Instagram and tweeted it out. If you can’t read the caption its says, “Got bored while practicing yesterday so…I pretended I was a pokemon master :)”.

There happens to also be a sequel to this.

Here’s an example where social media is used to promote.  By being part of a less popular group, fans can really get to know who their idol is, in all their dorky glory.

Twitter is the best way for these idols to get in touch with their international fans.  I know a lot of idols use me2day (Korean version of Twitter/Facebook), but it’s non global friendly.  These are the top 3 idols who use Twitter in the best way, in my opinion.


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