What I learned from Girls’ Generation’s win at the YTMA

The other day I was scrolling through Tumblr and I found a few posts on trying to rally all the k-pop fandoms to vote for EXO in the upcoming MTV EMA’s.  The voting has been up for a while, but it seems like all of a sudden there was a surge of fangirls promoting it even more.  Then I found out the reason why.  It’s all Girls’ Generation’s fault, not that I’m complaining though.


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When I first heard that SHINee was going to be on Arirang’s new global interaction show “After School Club”, I was like really?  It just really surprised me because the show is typically for lesser known k-pop groups trying to hit the international market.  SHINee is already well-known all across the world, especially in Japan where they have already completed several concerts.


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