When I first heard that SHINee was going to be on Arirang’s new global interaction show “After School Club”, I was like really?  It just really surprised me because the show is typically for lesser known k-pop groups trying to hit the international market.  SHINee is already well-known all across the world, especially in Japan where they have already completed several concerts.


For those of you who haven’t watched “ASC”, I would only recommend it if your favorite group is on.  You can watch it live through YouTube, Ustream or through the Arirang channel on your TV.  It’s hosted by soloist Eric Name and Led Apple’s Hanbyul.  “ASC” is primarily all in English, and the hosts have to translate during the show.  Did I mention that this is completely live?  Sometimes, most of the time, it can kind of get out of order and disorderly FAST.

Eric (L) and Hanbyul (R) messing around during the show.

Eric (L) and Hanbyul (R) messing around during the show.

But most fans could care less as long as they can see their oppas live, face-to-face.  “ASC’S” main feature is Let’s Hangout.  Fans can apply within a week to win a face-to-face chat with their favorite idol.  This isn’t particularly my favorite thing about the show because it’s hard to watch fans fangirl (or fanboy) right in front of their favorite idols faces.  It’s just weird.  Despite their main feature, “ASC’s” main point is to have interaction with fans all across the world.  I think the most effective way they do this is through their hashtags and Twitter.

shinee asc 1

After every show, Eric and Hanbyul will announce who the next guest will be.  When SHINee was announced they were going to be on the show, on the screen immediately was the hashtag #SHINeeASC.  As soon as that was announced, #SHINeeASC trended worldwide, before they even appeared on the show.  Even during the show, they top trended #EverybodyASC within the first half-hour.  Top-trended, that’s amazing.  That’s a lot of dedication on Shawols (SHINee’s fans’ name) part.  I give my applause to you.

SHINee finding out that they trended worldwide. LOL at Onew's face ㅋㅋㅋ.

SHINee finding out that they trended worldwide. LOL at Onew’s face ㅋㅋㅋ.

#SHINeeASC/#EverybodyASC is used to gather questions for the group during the live show.  “ASC” uses #RollcallASC before every show to see who is watching the show live.  The first person who tweets in with the hashtag wins a signed cd.  When I was back in Indonesia, my sister and I would watch it because we would actually be awake during the live broadcast.  Every time we would tweet and every time we would lose because we tweeted a few seconds later.  Darn Indonesian slow internet connection!

“ASC’s”  most recent hashtag is #SelcaASC.  Fans are asked to take a selca (selfie) of themselves while watching the show with all the members of the group who is guesting.  During the show, they will look through the hashtag and the idol group will choose their favorite to win a signed cd.  You think it wouldn’t be that hard, oh but it is.  Especially if you’re watching it on a 10 inch computer screen.  If trying to get all 5 members of SHINee in a picture is hard, what about trying to get all 12 members of EXO in a selca.

“ASC’s” consistent use of hashtags and Twitter really made it popular.  The show’s format, I find, isn’t the best; but when actually fulfilling their purpose (interacting with global fans), then I say their doing a pretty good job of it.  Having multiple hashtags gives the show a chance to trend multiple times.  Providing prizes within these hashtags really elevates fan interaction through Twitter.  The mystery admin behind the Twitter account is famous now for interacting with their fans.  If the show could find a way to organize their format, then I say they have themselves an awesome show.

Granted, I’m probably not going to wake up at 4 a.m. just to catch the show.  But once they announce  #EXOASC is their next hashtag, you can bet I’ll be there tweeting every second.


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