What I learned from Girls’ Generation’s win at the YTMA

The other day I was scrolling through Tumblr and I found a few posts on trying to rally all the k-pop fandoms to vote for EXO in the upcoming MTV EMA’s.  The voting has been up for a while, but it seems like all of a sudden there was a surge of fangirls promoting it even more.  Then I found out the reason why.  It’s all Girls’ Generation’s fault, not that I’m complaining though.


No, I’m not hating on Girls’ Generation at all.  In fact they’re one of my favorite k-pop girl groups.  With GG’s recent win for Best Video Award at the YTMA’s, there has been a few happenings online.  Apparently, Justin Bieber fans didn’t take the loss of their idol losing.  Many Beliebers took to Twitter to voice their opinions.  They posted comments that ranged from who are these people to offensive racial slurs.  I didn’t actually see this happen in real time, but my sister followed did.  She said that every comment that a Belieber or anyone made, a Sone (GG fan) instantly responded back to them.


These comments not only made Sones made, but pretty much every single k-pop fandom alive.  Recently in an article by the Wall Street Journal, the YTMA’s winners were solely based on an algorithm measuring a fan’s engagement, something that k-pop fans excel in.  I totally agree.  In theory, Girls’ Generation had this in the bag from day one.  Not only did they have the support of their humongous fandom, but they had the support of other fandoms too.

With EXO being nominated in the Worldwide Act in the MTV EMA awards along with Justin Bieber and One Direction, k-pop fans are encouraging each other to vote for EXO.  They want to show the power of k-pop fans worldwide.  It’s quite possible that they will be able to achieve this.

Tumblr and Twitter has become a medium for fans all over the world to rally together under one cause.  Though this cause maybe menial in other’s eyes, it’s the opposite to a k-pop fan.  They have the drive to have their favorite group be globally recognized.  Being able to gather together in the digital world, and bring all the fans together is something I find pretty amazing.

I learned that you should never mess with k-pop fans, but I guess I already knew that.  I will say that I am one of those fans who will stand up for my group if they are being attacked by comments likes the ones in the picture above.  I will be vicious and you better watch out.  I’m just kidding.  Or am I?

haters to the right


5 thoughts on “What I learned from Girls’ Generation’s win at the YTMA

  1. It’s really interesting, I’m wondering how EXO will fair, now with american fan groups knowing how hard we come out for the Kpop fans and for EXO’s image in the Kpop world. We’ve all known that there are some really nasty Sones, but EXO has kinda gotten to be known as that crazy group of fans. I’m wondering if all will back EXO like they did GG, especially with what I’m seeing Exotics doing on Taeyang’s most recent dance video. You’d think they’d want to behave to ensure other fandoms back them, but some of them got nasty on the video comments this morning.

    • Thanks for the comment!

      Yeah, I agree with you that fans can get pretty crazy. But from what I’ve seen, it seems like they’re rallying together to help EXO win.

      I haven’t watched Taeyang’s dance video yet. What have they been saying?

      • The american dance director makes her dance mv’s in a one shot style, so EXO fans are saying that YG copied Growl, but YG fans who did their homework know that it’s not them YG copying Growl, but instead using Parris Goebel’s style. All the backup dancers are even part of her dance crew.

  2. Justin Bieber fans don’t take anything well. We’ve seen that multiple times.
    I love award shows that allow fans to vote, because things like this can happen. The Beliebers seem to be forgetting that YouTube is what brought Justin to them in the first place, so other groups should be able to get the recognition they deserve as well.

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