Non-Stop K-Pop


As I’m sitting here writing this piece out, the music on my phone plays an array of genres ranging from hip-hop to happy-go-lucky songs.  I swag it out to Supreme Team’s “Dang Dang Dang”, rock it out with CN Blue’s “I’m Sorry”, release my sexy inner diva with Hyorin’s “One Way Love”, and sleep to the sweet sounds of Lee Seung Gi’s “Return”.  The reason why I’ve been able to stick with K-pop for so long is because it brings something new all the time, something that everyone can enjoy.  This concept translates well worldwide so that it’s been able to spread to other continents.

Most of K-Pop relies on the fact that a person’s attention span changes within a matter a seconds.  The creators of Girl’s Generation’s “I Got a Boy” mashed many genres in one song based on that fact.  K-Pop really capitalizes on this, not only in song but also in the way that concepts for one group can range from an aegyo style to sex appeal.  2ne1’s songs and concepts range from high energy songs like “Fire” and “I’m the Best” to melancholic tunes like “It Hurts” and “Missing You”.  Because of the flexibility, we pay more attention to it because it changes all the time.  K-Pop does a good job in following trends and keeping fans invested in it.  When a group has a catchy tune and dance, then you have yourself the golden formula.

K-Pop’s trendy content can be easily translated to Korean entertainment.  When you turn on a TV in Korea, what you can see is an extreme game of hide-and-seek with “Running Man”, adorable bonding weekend trips with celebrity dads and their children in “Where are you Going Dad”, and men bear out the cold and dive into below freezing temperature water in “1n2d”.   These kinds of concepts for shows are appealing because not only do we get the fun factor, but they really highlight on common moral values that everyone shares around the world like the value of teamwork, the love between parents and their children, and the importance of brotherhood.  Korean variety shows tend to be much more positive.  It’s been proven that positivity is much more appealing than negativity.  Let’s leave all the negativity to the makjang dramas.

With K-Pop and Korean entertainment there are a lot of things a fan can get out of it.  If you like to dance, then you can follow groups like EXO and SHINee who excel in it.  If you like to sing, then you have the likes of 2AM and Noel to look up to.  If you like comedy, then you can watch comedians on Gag Concert like Shin Bora or Kim JunHyun.  There’s so much that people can relate to and that’s why there are so many k-pop lovers around the world.  There seems to be no end to it.  I think that’s the best part of being a fan of Korean entertainment.


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