Vlog #1: Tomorrow’s Cantabile

Hi guys! Today I have a mini-reviewish of the drama Tomorrow’s Cantabile (I hope I spelled that right, lol). Please watch it and let me know what you thought!

Read on to find out what I else I thought about the drama

One important thing I forgot to mention was the fact that I loved how this whole drama was about growth. Most of the characters had their own kind of growth spurt and really improved themselves. Especially Nae Il, which I thought was the main thing about this drama concerning her character. It could have been all about her trying to win the love of her orabang, but it wasn’t. It was all about her realizing her potential and really growing as a person to become a successful pianist. Something I definitely need to work on (minus all the piano stuff).

So let me know what you guys thought about the drama!


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