Vlog #5: K-Pop Trivia Time!

Geez, it’s been about a month since I’ve posted here. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, lately I’ve been on my other blog so you guys should check that out as well. Today, I decided to do something fun and try out some of my k-pop knowledge. Of course, no challenge is complete without a punishment. Every time we got a question wrong, we got a good ol’ flick to the forehead.

Read on to see if you can answer of the questions


  1. Who is Jay Park’s favorite Avenger?
  2. Add all the members of EXO + BTS + Troy.
  3. What is Ailee’s Korean name?
  4. List 4 hit k-pop producers and a song.
  5. What is B.A.P.’s Jong Up’s Matto’s name?
  6. In 5 seconds, name 6 idols from the US.
  7. What is the sport Zelo is know for liking?
  8. What is the Twitter handle made for EXO’s comeback?
  9. What track did Red Velvet’s Seul Gi feature on on Henry’s album?
  10. Dance 3 hit songs from 2014.

Bonus Question: What is SM Ent. current operating income? (you can look up the answer here, lol)

Let me know how you did in the comments below. Thanks for watching!


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