Vlog #1: Tomorrow’s Cantabile

Hi guys! Today I have a mini-reviewish of the drama Tomorrow’s Cantabile (I hope I spelled that right, lol). Please watch it and let me know what you thought!

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KBS World Pit-a-Pat Contest Entry that Failed…

That’s a pretty dark title isn’t it, lol. Well, I didn’t win but I won at life for trying. I tried to use my very limited Korean knowledge to try and make an interesting video, but in the end it was quite choppy and hard to understand. Plus, my editing software wouldn’t let me type Korean words so that was a big letdown. Anyways, it was still a blast to make so I hope ya’ll enjoy it ūüôā

What I learned from Girls’ Generation’s win at the YTMA

The other day I was scrolling through Tumblr and I found a few posts on trying to rally all the k-pop fandoms to vote for EXO in the upcoming MTV EMA’s. ¬†The voting has been up for a while, but it seems like all of a sudden there was a surge of fangirls promoting it even more. ¬†Then I found out the reason why. ¬†It’s all Girls’ Generation’s fault, not that I’m complaining though.


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When I first heard that SHINee was going to be on Arirang’s new global interaction show “After School Club”, I was like¬†really? ¬†It just really surprised me because the show is typically for lesser known k-pop groups trying to hit the international market. ¬†SHINee is already well-known all across the world, especially in Japan where they have already completed several concerts.


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Product placement Korean drama edition: The good

When I first got into the Korean scene, I was quite the avid watcher. ¬†It was my guilty pleasure. ¬†Now that I’ve watched 5 million dramas, dramas have merged together and it’s all been the same (guys, you know what I’m talking about). ¬†Truthfully, I’m not the most observant when watching dramas so I don’t notice product placements during episodes. ¬†But when I do, it seems like it’s always super random. ¬†It’s also gotten to the point where dramas become similar to this:

Product placement in Korean dramas is more prevalent nowadays. ¬†I’ve decided to take the ones I remember and categorize them: the good, the bad and the weird.

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