Saturday Night Karaoke (SNK): The We Can’t Sing in Korean part 1

Hi all! You know how when you sing in Korean, you sometimes know the lyrics and you sometimes don’t. Well, I thought I’d record it. This could either go really well or really bad. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun and I’m pretty sure all of us international k-pop fans face the same problems. Enjoy me and my sister singing Korean songs without lyrics and just the instrumental!

***Warning: We can’t sing. We’re horrible singers. Just a heads up, lol.***

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Vlog #2: MAMA 2014 and K-Pop Star 4

Hi guys!! Today I kind-of, sort-of give you my review on MAMA 2014 and a little bit on K-Pop Star 4. Enjoy!

YG entertainment: Leading the k-pop industry with innovations


YG entertainment is home to k-pop’s biggest stars like Big Bang and 2ne1.  Everyone who knows anything about the k-pop world knows that YG entertainment is pretty awesome.  What they are known most for is their deviance from your regular k-pop scenery.  Unlike here in the states, hip-hop in Korea is not mainstream.  YG attempts to fuse hip-hop into mainstream music.  I have to say they are doing a good job of it.

The main point of this post though is not the fact they’ve succeeded in making hip-hop mainstream, but they are the first ones to try it.  YG entertainment is known for their adventurous, innovative ventures in the Korean music industry.  YG is the epitome of innovation in the Korean music industry and its what their brand is all about.

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