Saturday Night Karaoke (SNK): The We Can’t Sing in Korean part 1

Hi all! You know how when you sing in Korean, you sometimes know the lyrics and you sometimes don’t. Well, I thought I’d record it. This could either go really well or really bad. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun and I’m pretty sure all of us international k-pop fans face the same problems. Enjoy me and my sister singing Korean songs without lyrics and just the instrumental!

***Warning: We can’t sing. We’re horrible singers. Just a heads up, lol.***

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Vlog #3: Infinity Challenge 90s Special, another dash of K-Pop Star 4 and Jong Hyun’s freakishly good album

Happy new years everyone! I know I’m a few days late (okay maybe almost a month late) but it’s the thought that counts right? Haha. Anyways, I thought I’d start back up with another exciting vlog. Enjoy!

Oh, oh, oh. Before I forget, in the video I mentioned a spoiler, so hit read more to find out!

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When I first heard that SHINee was going to be on Arirang’s new global interaction show “After School Club”, I was like really?  It just really surprised me because the show is typically for lesser known k-pop groups trying to hit the international market.  SHINee is already well-known all across the world, especially in Japan where they have already completed several concerts.


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An Introduction for YOU: K-pop Style

Hi!! 안녕 안녕!!  My name is Qisti and I am here to express all my thoughts on k-pop; thoughts that you might have too.

At one point in my life k-pop was my life.  I watched, listened, and mimicked everything that my favorite k-pop idol did.  I watched Korean dramas endlessly; and searched for every single episode of “Love Letter”.  I even thought to myself, if I work hard enough I could potentially become a k-pop idol star.  Ha! Boy did that dream go down the drain and straight into the East Sea.  Don’t worry, I won’t be talking about my adventures on trying to become a k-pop star ㅋㅋㅋ.  Anyways, just like many of you k-pop fan girls I’ve learned many things, mainly names of the 500 hundred million k-pop group members and their birthdays; but, hey, it’s still counts as learning. Right?  It also put me on a quest to learn everything about Korea.  Yes, I learned the language and ate Korean food non-stop (my favorite part).  On a serious note, I’ve also had the privilege to learn more about the Korean culture and how things work over there.  It’s opened my eyes and thoughts about so many different things.

Currently k-pop is, sadly, only a hobby and this is where this awesomely, awesome blog comes in.  I’ve had so many thoughts about the k-pop world and how it communicates to their public, that I needed an outlet to release it all.  Especially since the birth of the Hallyu Wave, I’ve always wondered how this wave made it all the way to the shores of the United States.  The goal for this blog is to study all your favorite oppar and unnie groups and try to find out how they made it to the A class they are in now; and how we, as a group of fans love and get to know them even though they are 6,761 miles away (at least from Ohio).

And I want to assure you all that there will be NO PSY.  You’re welcome.


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Your K-Pop Fantasy Idols

I was looking through my Twitter timeline and I clicked on a link to OMONA!They Didn’t page to Vixx’s On and On music video.  I had read on AllKPOP before hand how there were many similarities to Song Joong-Ki’s “A Werewolf Boy”; which is an awesome movie. Before even watching the video I read in the comments how the video was plain awful, but the song was awesome.  So I watched the music video. The whole rocket ship and glowing purple eyes concept was difficult to follow and unfortunately I found the song mediocre. I wasn’t impelled to let this song dominate my playlists. But then one fateful day of boredom, I checked out their comeback stage and before i knew it i became a 별빛 (in English it’s Starlight, their fan group name).

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