My Top 5 Korean Expressions that I Accidentally Use

So you know those Korean words and expressions that you hear all the time in dramas and stuff? Because you hear it so many times that it’s like ingrained in your mind and you end up using it out of nowhere. This video is all about that.

Just know that these phrases are taken completely out of context to what you usually see. It’s just those moments where you accidentally let this slip out. Enjoy!

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Your K-Pop Fantasy Idols

I was looking through my Twitter timeline and I clicked on a link to OMONA!They Didn’t page to Vixx’s On and On music video.  I had read on AllKPOP before hand how there were many similarities to Song Joong-Ki’s “A Werewolf Boy”; which is an awesome movie. Before even watching the video I read in the comments how the video was plain awful, but the song was awesome.  So I watched the music video. The whole rocket ship and glowing purple eyes concept was difficult to follow and unfortunately I found the song mediocre. I wasn’t impelled to let this song dominate my playlists. But then one fateful day of boredom, I checked out their comeback stage and before i knew it i became a 별빛 (in English it’s Starlight, their fan group name).

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