Why is EXO out of this world popular

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You guys see what I did with the title, because EXO is from EXO planet.  Get it? No.  That’s okay, lol.

Truthfully, when the first news came out about them, I had no interest in them whatsoever.  But now I’m OBSESSED!  EXO is SM entertainment’s latest group.  EXO has 12 members in which 4 of them are Chinese.  The original concept of EXO is that they are divided into EXO-K and EXO-M; they would promote the same song but in different languages.

Recently a friend of mine, who is a complete YG stan, text me asking about EXO’s albums.  I was suspicious. Why?  Because she hates everything that has to do with SM entertainment (Why I’m her friend. I’m still trying to figure that out haha!).  This is how our conversation went:

Friend:  I want to know more about EXO.  How many albums do they have?

Me: One mini-album and a full album.  The full album has a repackaged version.  Why the sudden interest?

Friend Because they are too popular.  Like waaay to popular.

And then I really thought about it.  Why are they so popular?  Why do I love them so much?  Their debut, I’m pretty sure, achieved results under what they expected; but somehow over the course of a year they’ve gone from barely hitting the top 30 songs to winning number 1 on music shows 14 times.  After re-watching several videos and interviews on YouTube, I’ve come up with these reasons.

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An Introduction for YOU: K-pop Style

Hi!! 안녕 안녕!!  My name is Qisti and I am here to express all my thoughts on k-pop; thoughts that you might have too.

At one point in my life k-pop was my life.  I watched, listened, and mimicked everything that my favorite k-pop idol did.  I watched Korean dramas endlessly; and searched for every single episode of “Love Letter”.  I even thought to myself, if I work hard enough I could potentially become a k-pop idol star.  Ha! Boy did that dream go down the drain and straight into the East Sea.  Don’t worry, I won’t be talking about my adventures on trying to become a k-pop star ㅋㅋㅋ.  Anyways, just like many of you k-pop fan girls I’ve learned many things, mainly names of the 500 hundred million k-pop group members and their birthdays; but, hey, it’s still counts as learning. Right?  It also put me on a quest to learn everything about Korea.  Yes, I learned the language and ate Korean food non-stop (my favorite part).  On a serious note, I’ve also had the privilege to learn more about the Korean culture and how things work over there.  It’s opened my eyes and thoughts about so many different things.

Currently k-pop is, sadly, only a hobby and this is where this awesomely, awesome blog comes in.  I’ve had so many thoughts about the k-pop world and how it communicates to their public, that I needed an outlet to release it all.  Especially since the birth of the Hallyu Wave, I’ve always wondered how this wave made it all the way to the shores of the United States.  The goal for this blog is to study all your favorite oppar and unnie groups and try to find out how they made it to the A class they are in now; and how we, as a group of fans love and get to know them even though they are 6,761 miles away (at least from Ohio).

And I want to assure you all that there will be NO PSY.  You’re welcome.


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