Vlog #5: K-Pop Trivia Time!

Geez, it’s been about a month since I’ve posted here. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, lately I’ve been on my other blog so you guys should check that out as well. Today, I decided to do something fun and try out some of my k-pop knowledge. Of course, no challenge is complete without a punishment. Every time we got a question wrong, we got a good ol’ flick to the forehead.

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Saturday Night Karaoke (SNK): The We Can’t Sing in Korean part 1

Hi all! You know how when you sing in Korean, you sometimes know the lyrics and you sometimes don’t. Well, I thought I’d record it. This could either go really well or really bad. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun and I’m pretty sure all of us international k-pop fans face the same problems. Enjoy me and my sister singing Korean songs without lyrics and just the instrumental!

***Warning: We can’t sing. We’re horrible singers. Just a heads up, lol.***

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My Top 5 Korean Expressions that I Accidentally Use

So you know those Korean words and expressions that you hear all the time in dramas and stuff? Because you hear it so many times that it’s like ingrained in your mind and you end up using it out of nowhere. This video is all about that.

Just know that these phrases are taken completely out of context to what you usually see. It’s just those moments where you accidentally let this slip out. Enjoy!

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Vlog #3: Infinity Challenge 90s Special, another dash of K-Pop Star 4 and Jong Hyun’s freakishly good album

Happy new years everyone! I know I’m a few days late (okay maybe almost a month late) but it’s the thought that counts right? Haha. Anyways, I thought I’d start back up with another exciting vlog. Enjoy!

Oh, oh, oh. Before I forget, in the video I mentioned a spoiler, so hit read more to find out!

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KBS World Pit-a-Pat Contest Entry that Failed…

That’s a pretty dark title isn’t it, lol. Well, I didn’t win but I won at life for trying. I tried to use my very limited Korean knowledge to try and make an interesting video, but in the end it was quite choppy and hard to understand. Plus, my editing software wouldn’t let me type Korean words so that was a big letdown. Anyways, it was still a blast to make so I hope ya’ll enjoy it 🙂

What I learned from Girls’ Generation’s win at the YTMA

The other day I was scrolling through Tumblr and I found a few posts on trying to rally all the k-pop fandoms to vote for EXO in the upcoming MTV EMA’s.  The voting has been up for a while, but it seems like all of a sudden there was a surge of fangirls promoting it even more.  Then I found out the reason why.  It’s all Girls’ Generation’s fault, not that I’m complaining though.


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